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Reiki Treatment


 Helps Relaxation​

Improves Mood

Aids Sleep

Releives Stress Tension and Anxiety

Promotes General Well-being


This is also available for Dogs, Cats and Horses.

£45 for a 1 hour treatment

Gua Sha Massage

Gua Sha

Gua sha is an ancient beauty therapy known for its ability to breath new life into skin through the jade massage tool.  Jade is a mineral known for promoting balance and deep healing.

Using Neals Yard Products this facial is a wonderful natural facelift, one treatment on it's own is great but a course of at least 4 is recommended to see real results

Treatment includes -




Gua sha facial massage using oil

Protect with moisturiser

£35 for a 40 min treatment.

Add a face mask and a neck and shoulder massage

for an extra £10 making the treatment 1 hour and a total cost of £45


Rose Quartz Facial

Rose quartz is a wonderful method which includes a natural facelift, lymphatic drainage, acupressure and the balancing of your energy points .  Rose quartz stones, wands and spheres are used during the treatment gives a dewy glowing complexion.  This treatment also reduces tension in the jaw and face , will smooth out fine lines and wrinkles , tone and tighten the skin.

Treatment includes -




Facial massage using oil

Protect with moisturiser

£35 for a 40 min facial massage treatment 

Add a face mask and neck and shoulder massage

£10 which makes this a 1hr treatment 

Total cost £45

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24K Gold Facial

A 24 Carat Gold Facial is unlike any facial because its concentration of minerals and properties which quickly are absorbed into the skin producing youthful and rejuvenating results. The 24 Karat Gold Facial is a favourite among Hollywood stars and is Now available here at Flourish and Joy

  • Gold – Frees the skin of impurities

  • Increases the proportion of oxygen in the skin

  • Eliminates tiredness

  • Rejuvenates the skin, removes wrinkles, leaves skin luminous

  • Gold helps slow down collagen depletion and the breakdown of elastin to prevent sagging skin

Treatment includes -




24K Gold mask 

Facial massage using 24K serum

Protect with moisturiser

£45 for a 45 min facial massage treatment 


AromaTouch Technique

AromaTouch technique benefits the body by bringing it to a state of Homeostatis.

The AromaTouch technique is not a massage, it's a touch technique this can trigger oxytocin or hug hormone. Combine this with a unique blend of essential oils and AromaTouch can bring you back to a state of resilience and adaptability, allowing you to deal with stress and tension much better after the treatment.

The oils we use promote relaxation, immune support, lessening tension  and bodily harmony.

AromaTouch is performed on your back and feet


£40 for 45 minute treatment.

indian head massage

Indian Head Massage

Discover the Blissful Harmony of Indian Head Massage

Embark on a journey of profound relaxation and rejuvenation Designed to unlock a state of blissful harmony and inner tranquility.

Indian Head Massage is more than just a treatment; it's a holistic experience that encourages the nourishment of tissues in the head, fostering healing from within. This treatment will benefit Muscle and Nerve Relaxation, Enhanced Lymphatic Flow, Soothing Eye Muscles, Improved Oxygen Supply to the Brain,Enhanced Energy Flow, Increased Circulation to Skin, Hair, and Scalp

Indian head massage targets, arms shoulders, head and neck and can be completed fully clothed if you prefer.

45 mins treatment


Brown Cosmetic Mask

Just for men Facial

Are you ready to elevate your grooming routine to the next level? Look no further! My Neals Yard Men's Facial is here to spice up your skincare regime with a blend of invigorating citrus, soothing herbal, and grounding woody notes that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and utterly relaxed.

These products are tailored to cater specifically to men's skincare needs.

First I will cleanse your skin to rid of dirt a and pollutants, I will then apply a facial scrub the take away any dead skin cells and then apply oil for a facial massage, to melt away stress, lastly a mens moisturiser will be applied ideal for protecting the skin.

£35 for a 40 minute treatement

You can add a mask, shoulder and neck massage for an extra £10 


To Book an appointment

Just give me a call on 07742228196

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