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Life coaching

Life and Performance Coaching

The Flourish Programme

Are you feeling lost, unfulfilled or isolated?  Maybe all three!

My personalised coaching programme takes a nurturing approach to helping you find joy, fulfilment, balance and direction in your life.  The Flourish Programme will be completely tailored to you and will give you space to talk and discover yourself again.  I will give you tools and techniques that you can use going forward so a more confident you emerges.

Prices start from £285

Payment plans available at no extra cost

Support Group

The Vitality Programme

Are you feeling lack lustre or just not yourself?

Want to feel more alive, joyful and balanced?

My personalised coaching programme will help you regain you vitality, feel more aligned and energised. And tools to stay that way always.

Prices start from £220

Payment plans available at no extra cost

Happy Friends

Business / Performance Programme

Need headspace to find direction in your career or company?  Do you need coaching for you or your staff so you can regain that direction?

My business / performance coaching can be tailored to you, your company or your staff.  It will help help you and/or your employees gain perspective, fulfilment and achieve work life balance.  Together we will talk about what's holding you back and plan ways forward and help you unlock personal and financial and move in the direction you want to.

Prices start from £220

Payment plans available at no extra cost

Colleagues at Work

I run a confidential and professional coaching practise that tailors coaching suit your needs.  

Life coaching can help all aspects of your life and I'm here to help you find the answers that are hidden from view. 

I can help you find a better way to live your life, one of alignment with better boundaries, a life where fulfilment, balance and Joy are present every day.

Business / Performance tailored to your organisations needs.  Coaching can take place within business and organisations of any size with or without staff.  I can help you and /or your staff perform better, set and reach goals.  Help with work life balance and find ways to grow in the way you want to be that personally or financially.

Sessions can be in person or via Zoom. 

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