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Mindful Rewilding 

In each of us there is a wild woman, man or child.

By dissolving barriers between us and nature we discover gifts that have been waiting for us all our lives.

This workshop allows you to rewild your mind, body and soul, to just let go and be in the moment within nature.

I take group bookings on dates to be mutually arranged.

£30 for a 2-3 hour workhsop

Coming soon 

Laying on Grass

Cacao Ceremony

Sow the seeds of intention for the next lunar cycle with this New moon cacao ceremony. Go inward and send energy to your roots, reflect and boost your energy to go forward. The new moon is a blank canvas, letting go of what no longer serves you and setting intentions to move forward with. Cacao ceremony will nourish your soul, open your heart and lift your mood.

£33 for a 2 hour ceremony takes place in our amazing Bell Tent at Edwyn Ralph

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Meno Chef Session

Cooking demonstrations to help you manage menopause symptoms through food diet and nutrition.

Coming 2024

Cooking Eggs

Menopause Awareness Sessions

How does the menopause affect you?

It affects us all differently, these sessions are designed to raise awareness and help women feel better about themselves during this time in their lives.  And some solutions that may help

2024 TBC


Pamper Party

Book a pamper party for you and your friends! 

£15 each,

minimum of 4 people.

Use Neals Yards products,  facials all round. 

Pamper Day

Bromyard Wellbeing Festival

Everything wellbeing under one roof 

and run by flourish and joy

Next Festival summer 2024

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